G. Sarafianos: Private Hospitals and EOPYY

  of the President of Panhellenic Union of Private Hospitals and member of Board of Directors of the European Union of Private Hospitals UEHP, Gregory Sarafianos We are going through the 6th year in Memorandum conditions, the 5th year of E.O.P.Y.Y.’s operation and the 4th year of thieving measures’ application of Rebate and Claw Back, […]

Sand, Sun and Plastic Surgery… Where else but in Greece!

Considering traveling abroad for medical treatment? Greece is ideal for medical tourism. It meets international healthcare standards, which have existed since ancient times and continues to do so. Beside the fact that Greece has the latest medical procedures and equipment on offer, prices are highly completive and most affordable. Dr. Apostolos Gaitanis Plastic Surgery  MD CCST Diplomat EBOPRAS […]